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Transmission Elements Outage Report for 24-05-2015

A. Details of Transmission Elements under Planned Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Rihand-Dadri Pole 1Line500 kV HVDCPGCIL24-05-201508:1224-05-201509:06-Replacement of Convertor control module card
2Bamnauli(DTL)-Jatikala(PG) 1Line400 kVDTL16-03-201513:04**NAS/D taken by DTL for relay replacement work at Bamnauli end, line cannot hold due to some fault.
3Uri II(NHPC)-Uri(NHPC)Line400 kVPGCIL02-04-201513:30**NATesting work at URI-2.
4Mainpuri(PG)-Paricha(UPPTCL) -2Line400 kVUPPTCL09-05-201513:54**NADue to CB problem at Paricha end.
5Jalandhar-Moga 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-05-201508:1824-05-201522:08-For removal/adjustment of sag adjustment plate ( to increase jumper clearance as lines are frequently tripping due to lesser jumper clearance) by NR-2, POWERGRID.
6Obra-SultanpurLine400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201508:1924-05-201520:21-For replacement of porcelain disc insulators with polymer insulators strings in the line.
7400kV G.Noida(UP)-Nawada(HVPNL)Line400 kVPGCIL24-05-201509:5024-05-201519:48-Construction of new bay For the DD+25 Type Tower erection work AT LOC .68 (NEW)( shifting of towers due to change of river course/ erosion)by Powergrid
8Anpara-Sarnath 1Line400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201510:3724-05-201516:42-To attend broken string at tower no. 255 of Y-ph.
9Wagoora 315 MVA ICT 3ICT400/220 kVPGCIL20-05-201514:1024-05-201521:28-For augmentation of spare transformer at Wagoora PG by Powergrid NR-2
10Kaithal 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVPGCIL22-05-201508:5925-05-201519:09- for replacement of 400kv B-phase bushing .
11FSC of Balia-II at LucknowFSC400 kVPGCIL06-05-201311:00**NAFor shifting to Sohawal (PG)
12FSC of Balia-I at LucknowFSC400 kVPGCIL06-05-201311:00**NAFor shifting to Sohawal (PG)
13New Wanpoh 125 MVAR B/Reactor 1Bus Reactor400 kVPGCIL27-04-201518:29**NATo take out due to low voltage.
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

B. Details of Transmission Elements under Forced Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Anta RS - Phagi - 1Line765 kVRRVPNL14-03-201518:13**NAcharge from Phagi end only.
2Fatehpur-GayaLine765 kVPGCIL14-05-201514:25**NAPhase to phase faultat R-Y phase.
3Agra-MeerutLine765 kVPGCIL19-05-201518:03**NAOver voltage\charging code issued at 19.01 HRS on 19.05.2015 but could not be charged due toTower bent at loc. 35, A type Tower (as Informed by Powergrid NR-1
4Makhu -Nakodar -1Line400 kVPSEB04-03-201513:38**NAPLCC maloperation.
5Lucknow-UnnaoLine400 kVUPPTCL28-04-201506:32**NA02 nos Tower damaged.
6Ratangarh-Suratgarh 1Line400 kVRRVPNL11-05-201515:45**NADistance protection operated.
7Ratangarh-Suratgarh 2Line400 kVRRVPNL22-05-201516:51**NADistance protection operated.
8Bareilly II (PG) - Kashipur (UTT) - 2Line400 kVPGCIL23-05-201521:4124-05-201510:43-Phase to phase faultY-B.
9Nallagarh(PG)-Parbati Pool(PG)Line400 kVPKTCL24-05-201503:4725-05-201510:53-Phase to earth faultY-phase
10Moradabad -MuradnagarLine400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201510:3124-05-201517:57-Tripped only form Muradnagar end.
11Muradnagar-MuzaffarnagarLine400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201510:3924-05-201511:15-Phase to earth faultTripped only form Muradnagar end.
12Bareilly-Unnao 1Line400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201511:4424-05-201512:27-Phase to earth fault.
13Bareilly-Unnao 1Line400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201512:4724-05-201515:48-Phase to earth fault.
14Muradnagar-MuzaffarnagarLine400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201513:1424-05-201514:34-Tripped only from Muradnagar end.
15Kashipur-RishikeshLine400 kVUPCL24-05-201513:33**NAPhase to earth faultB-N.
16Bassi-Bhiwadi 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-05-201513:4024-05-201518:10-LA problem at Bhiwadi end. Y-ph.
17Muzaffarnagar-Vishnuprayag 1Line400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201516:2525-05-201515:34-Transient fault.
18Merta-RatangarhLine400 kVRRVPNL24-05-201518:0124-05-201523:17-Distance protection operated.
19Mainpuri(PG)-Paricha(UPPTCL) -1Line400 kVUPPTCL24-05-201518:1224-05-201521:12-Tripped on High voltage.
20Mukatsar 315 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVPSEB28-02-201522:26**NAFire fighting system problem
21Nawada 315MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVHVPNL22-04-201500:19**NAY-phase bushing damage 220 kV side.
22Barmer 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVRRVPNL14-05-201513:04**NAsurge relay operated
23Bawana 315 MVA ICT 3ICT400/220 kVDTL24-05-201509:4024-05-201510:54-PRD relay operated.
24 Bareilly 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL05-08-200700:00**NAFailure of Reactor.
25 Sarnath 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL16-02-200906:14**NAFailure of Reactor.
26Wagoora 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVPGCIL22-04-201518:56**NAVoltage regulation.
27Sarnath 400 kV Bus 1BUS400 kVUPPTCL06-05-201510:29**NATo attend hot spot To attend hot spot/ Leakage in Bus coupler
28Malerkotla 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVPGCIL09-05-201515:53**NAB/R 50MVAR TAKEN OUT OF TO CONTROL LOW SYSTEM VOLTAGE. V = 390/392KV
29Gazipur(DTL)-Noida sec 20s(UP)Line220 kVUPPTCL17-09-201415:33**NACable faulty
30Badarpur(NTPC)-Noida sec 20s(UP)Line220 kVUPPTCL17-09-201415:33**NACable faulty
31AIIMS(DTL)-Maharanibagh(PG) 1Line220 kVDTL19-12-201418:51**NACable faulty
32Chittorgarh(RVPNL)-RAPS B(NPC) 2Line220 kVPGCIL19-05-201511:45**NA Trip due to B ph CT blast of Chittor-II line & B/bar protection operated at RAPPB
33BTPS(NTPC)-MIA ALWER(RPVNL)Line220 kVRRVPNL19-05-201514:34**NATower collapsed.
34Auraiya(NTPC)-Malanpur(PG)Line220 kVPGCIL19-05-201517:08**NALBB of Mahgaon line operated at Auraiya S/S /Tower Collapse.
35Auraiya(NTPC)-Mahgaon(PG)Line220 kVPGCIL19-05-201517:08**NALBB of Mahgaon line operated at Auraiya S/S / Tower Collapse.
36Kanpur(PG)-Orai(UP)Line220 kVUPPTCL21-05-201510:49**NAPhase to earth faultY phase.
37Mandola(PG)-Narela(DTL) 1Line220 kVDTL21-05-201512:25**NAPhase to earth faultR phase.
38Kishenpur(PG)-Ramban(JK)Line220 kVPDD JK24-05-201509:0024-05-201509:42-Phase to earth faultB-N.
39Mahendranagar-TanakpurLine132 kVPGCIL24-05-201522:4324-05-201523:41-Over loading .
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

C. Details of Transmission Elements Opened manually due to High Voltage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalRemarks
1Fatehpur-Mainpuri 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-05-201518:04**** 
2Agra-Sikar 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-05-201518:0725-05-201510:01 
3Kota(PG)-Merta(RVPNL) 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-05-201518:0725-05-201506:43 
** - Line shall be closed subject to voltage permissibility