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Transmission Elements Outage Report for 15-09-2014

A. Details of Transmission Elements under Planned Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Anpara C - Anpara DLine765 kVUPPTCL15-09-201415:3615-09-201419:47-Tightening of jumpers, nuts and bolts at various towers.
2Lucknow-UnnaoLine400 kVUPPTCL15-09-201410:0515-09-201419:27-Lopping /Chopping of trees.Protection testing & bay maintenance works by UP.
3Kankroli(PG)-RAPS C(NPC) 2Line400 kVPGCIL15-09-201411:19**16-09-2014Commissioning of A/R logic at RAPPC end.Preventive maintenance of bays equipments / metering panels and protection panel relays etc at RAPP C ends.
4FSC of Balia-II at LucknowFSC400 kVPGCIL06-05-201311:00**NAFor shifting to Sohawal (PG)
5FSC of Balia-I at LucknowFSC400 kVPGCIL06-05-201311:00**NAFor shifting to Sohawal (PG)
6TCSC of MUZPR-I at GRKPTCSC400 kVPGCIL05-08-201417:01**NACapacitor unbalance alarm recieved.
7Mandola(PG)-Wazirabad(DTL) 4Line220 kVDTL15-09-201406:5715-09-201419:40-To attend hot spot on tower No. 09.
8Panipat-Narela 3Line220 kVBBMB15-09-201407:2015-09-201413:18-To attend hot spot at Narela end.
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

B. Details of Transmission Elements under Forced Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Mainpuri(PG)-Paricha(UPPTCL) -1Line400 kVUPPTCL31-05-201417:35**30-09-2014Tower collapsed(Tower no -104 &105)
2Mainpuri(PG)-Paricha(UPPTCL) -2Line400 kVUPPTCL31-05-201417:35**30-09-2014Tower collapsed(Tower no -104 &105)
3BASSI-KALISINDHLine400 kVPGCIL03-09-201416:14**NATo attend hot spot on R-ph line isolator clamp at Kalisindh.
4Neemrana-Sikar 2Line400 kVPGCIL10-09-201413:50**NAOver voltageand kept in open condition.
5Uri II(NHPC)-Wagoora(PG)Line400 kVPGCIL15-09-201416:5015-09-201417:07-D.T. recieved at Uri 2 end,tripped only from Uri 2 end.
6Uri(NHPC)-Wagoora(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL15-09-201416:5015-09-201417:07-D.T. recieved at Uri 1 and wagoora end.
7Kabulpur 315 MVA ICT-1ICT400/220 kVHVPNL30-05-201416:16**NABuchholz relay operated / damaged.
8Moga 500 MVA ICT 3ICT400/220 kVPGCIL11-09-201418:10**17-09-2014Replacement of 03 nos 245kV bushing of ICT due to violation of permissible limits.
9 Bareilly 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL05-08-200700:00**NAFailure of Reactor.
10 Sarnath 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL16-02-200906:14**NAFailure of Reactor.
11FACT at BLB in Knp-BLB LineFACTS400 kVPGCIL30-04-201408:10**NAControl relay problem
12FSC of MND-II at BareillyFSC400 kVPGCIL08-09-201417:16**NADue to oil leakage.
13Maharanibagh(PG)-Masjidmod(DTL) 1Line220 kVDTL14-06-201404:17**NACable damaged during digging work of DMRC
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

C. Details of Transmission Elements Opened manually due to High Voltage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalRemarks
1Bassi-Bhiwadi 1Line400 kVPGCIL10-09-201403:44**** 
2Kota(PG)-Merta(RVPNL) 1Line400 kVPGCIL10-09-201421:0715-09-201410:03 
3Heerapura-Hindaun IILine400 kVRRVPNL11-09-201400:15**** 
4Ballabgarh-Mainpuri 2Line400 kVPGCIL11-09-201403:0416-09-201416:45 
5Bhiwadi-Neemrana 1Line400 kVPGCIL11-09-201403:45**** 
6Agra-Sikar 2Line400 kVPGCIL12-09-201403:28**** 
7Agra-Bhiwadi 2Line400 kVPGCIL12-09-201403:3416-09-201416:37 
8Jodhpur II(RVPNL)-Kankroli(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL12-09-201412:5515-09-201419:49 
9Jodhpur II-Merta 1Line400 kVRRVPNL13-09-201403:58**** 
10Kisanpur-Samba 2Line400 kVPGCIL14-09-201401:06**** 
11Kisanpur-Samba 1Line400 kVPGCIL14-09-201401:06**** 
12Bhiwadi-Moga 2Line400 kVPGCIL14-09-201415:4316-09-201417:10 
13Kankroli(PG)-RAPS C(NPC) 1Line400 kVPGCIL14-09-201422:2715-09-201410:02 
14Agra-Jaipur South-2Line400 kVPGCIL15-09-201401:06**** 
15Merta-RatangarhLine400 kVRRVPNL15-09-201404:3215-09-201408:19 
** - Line shall be closed subject to voltage permissibility