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Transmission Elements Outage Report for 25-10-2016

A. Details of Transmission Elements under Planned Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Agra - Biswanath Cherialli line -1 Line800 kV HVDCPGCIL18-10-201609:51**26-10-2016For taking up pole­3 equipment erection/ integration work at Agra end by Powergrid.
2Bawana-Mundka 2Line400 kVDTL27-09-201610:18**30-10-2016To raise the height of towers of 400kV Bawana- Mundka double cuts. which are infringing to Metro Corridor of Mundka Bahadurgarh section of Delhi Metro.
3Bawana-Mundka 1Line400 kVDTL27-09-201610:18**30-10-2016To raise the height of towers of 400kV Bawana- Mundka double cuts. which are infringing to Metro Corridor of Mundka Bahadurgarh section of Delhi Metro.
4Amritsar-Hamirpur(PG) -1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201607:5125-10-201618:45- For replacement of porcelain disc insulator with polymer insulators strings in the line.
5Panchkula (PG) - Panipat (BBMB) Line400 kVBBMB25-10-201607:5725-10-201618:02-Pre-winter maintenance of line and yearly maintenance of s/stn equipments by BBMB.
6Agra(PG)-Auraiya(NTPC) 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201608:2425-10-201618:51-Polymer insulator replacement____ For replacement of porcelain disc insulators with polymer insulators strings in the line by Powergrid .
7Sarnath(UP)-Varanasi(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201609:2725-10-201620:11-Polymer insulator replacementwork.
8Nakodar - Talwandi Sabo-1Line400 kVPSEB25-10-201609:5725-10-201616:11-For tightening of Jumpers of dead end towers and tree cutting.
9Sarnath(UP)-Varanasi(PG) 2Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201610:1425-10-201620:22-Polymer insulator replacementwork.
10Anpara-Sarnath 1Line400 kVUPPTCL25-10-201610:2525-10-201619:43-1.For maintenance of 400kv main Bus-2 panto-graph Isolator at Sarnath. 2.Routine testing and bay maintenance and other maintenance works ,fixing of theft / missing tower parts in the line and sub-stations.
11Dehar 250 MVA ICTICT400/220 kVBBMB15-10-201608:02**11-12-2016Construction of new element For replacement of 400/220 ,250 MVA ICT (3*83.3 MVA + one spare unit 83.3 MVA) and its associate bay equipments with 315 MVA ICT (3*105 MVA + I spare unit 105 MVA) Transformers of 400/220 KV CGL make under Northern Region Strengthening Scheme at BBMB Dehar.The replacement work will be carried out by PGCIL.
12Panipat 450 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVBBMB24-10-201607:5825-10-201618:10-Planned annual maintenanceof transformer and it
13Mandola 315 MVA ICT 3ICT400/220 kVPGCIL25-10-201607:2725-10-201619:51-To attend hot spot.
14Panipat 450 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVBBMB25-10-201608:3825-10-201618:10-Planned annual maintenanceof transformer and it
15Kisanpur 80 MVAR B/R Bus Reactor400 kVPGCIL02-02-201608:05**NAFor voltage regulation.
16TCSC of MUZPR-I at GRKPTCSC400 kVPGCIL17-09-201611:23**NA Block problem of Y &B phase.
17New Wanpoh 125 MVAR B/Reactor 1Bus Reactor400 kVPGCIL10-10-201610:09**NATake out due to low voltage.
18Sarnath 400 kV Bus 2BUS400 kVUPPTCL15-10-201609:25**26-10-2016Construction of new bayRepairing / strengthening of 400kV Main BUS-2
19Jalandhar(PG) 125 MVAR (400kV) Bus Reactor 1Bus Reactor400 kVPGCIL22-10-201611:50**02-11-2016For shifting of Bus reactor in ICT-3 diafor vacating its bays for LILO of 400kV Amritsar-Parbati line at Jalandhar by Powergrid.
20400 kV CB ( 1452 ) of Dipalpur ckt at BawanaBAY/CB400 kVDTL25-10-201611:1025-10-201617:54-CB testing & annual maintenance , line remain charged thr. other CB no.1352.
21Ballabhgarh(BBMB)-Samaypur(BBMB) - 1Line220 kVBBMB21-10-201607:41**27-10-2016Replacement of CBs with new at Ballabhagarh end by BBMB.
22Agra(PG)-Firozabad(UP) 1Line220 kVUPPTCL22-10-201610:5825-10-201619:41-For 220kV side Bus extension work at Agra(PG) by PowerGrid.
23Mandola(PG)-Narela(DTL) 1Line220 kVDTL23-10-201600:0025-10-201614:21-For tree trimming work between loc. no. 51 & 52 by DTL.
24Charkhi Dadri-Khetri 1Line220 kVRRVPNL24-10-201607:3125-10-201617:06-1.For pre-winter maintenance routine bay maintenance by BBMB & RRVPNL.
25Chittorgarh(RVPNL)-RAPS B(NPC) 2Line220 kVPGCIL25-10-201608:4725-10-201619:43-Polymer insulator replacement--- For replacement of porcelain disc insulators with polymer insulator strings in balance loc. by Powergrid.
26Khurja(UP)-Napp(NPC) 2Line220 kVUPPTCL25-10-201609:0125-10-201620:18-For replacement of porcelain disc insulator with polymer insulators strings.
27Sarna(PSEB)-Udhampur(JK)Line220 kVPGCIL25-10-201609:3825-10-201619:45-Construction of new element For stringing (Power line crossing in span 340-340A) of 400kv D/C Kisanpur- Dulhasti line (line under construction by Powergrid)
28FSC of Pampore-1 at KishnprFSC220 kVPGCIL30-10-201212:00**NALine length has reduced after LILO work completion
29FSC of Pampore-2 at KishnprFSC220 kVPGCIL30-10-201212:00**NALine length has reduced after LILO work completion
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

B. Details of Transmission Elements under Forced Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1G.Noida 765 (3*80) 240 MVAR (765kV) Bus Reactor 1Bus Reactor765 kVUPPTCL06-08-201610:32**NATo attend hot spot To attend Buchholz alarm in R phase
2Rihand-Dadri Pole 1Line500 kV HVDCPGCIL25-10-201611:0425-10-201611:40-DC Earth fault.
3Vindhyachal HVDC BtB Block 2HVDV Station500 kV HVDCPGCIL14-10-201621:58**30-10-2016AC conductor ground fault protection operated.
4Bamnauli(DTL)-Jatikala(PG) 1Line400 kVDTL22-05-201620:29**NATower damage (First dead end tower from Bamnauli S/S) / Ckt-II charge through ERS tower
5Anta RS - Chabra -1 Line400 kVRRVPNL19-08-201620:45**NAkeep open on over voltage.
6Akal-Barmer 1Line400 kVRRVPNL25-10-201608:0025-10-201609:56-Tripped on High voltage.
7Abdullapur-Panchkula 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201612:4725-10-201613:28-reason awaited.
8Chamera pool-Jalandhar 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201621:5926-10-201611:24-Tripped on High voltage.
9Kalisindh 315 MVA ICTICT400/220 kVRRVPNL04-06-201615:50**NABuchholz relay operated.
10Jodhpur II 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVRRVPNL10-08-201601:40**NABuchholz Relay operated.
11Mandola 500 MVA ICT 3ICT400/220 kVPGCIL25-10-201607:2725-10-201619:51-To attend hot spot in 220kV side CT terminal connector.
12Azamgarh 315MVA ICT-1ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL25-10-201616:4625-10-201620:46-due to heating of B phase isolator jaw
13 Bareilly 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL05-08-200700:00**NAFailure of Reactor.
14 Sarnath 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL16-02-200906:14**NAFailure of Reactor.
15FSC of Bareilly-I at UnnaoFSC400 kVPGCIL19-04-201513:10**NAFire in FSC.
16Wagoora 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVPGCIL22-04-201518:56**NATake out due to low voltage.
17FSC ( 50% ) of Koteshwar Pool -1 at Meerut (PG)FSC400 kVPGCIL16-07-201513:01**NAFire in FSC-2 at Meerut.
18FACT at BLB in Knp-BLB LineFACTS400 kVPGCIL02-07-201610:20**NAY-Phase current imbalance
19Abdullapur 400 kV Bus 1BUS400 kVPGCIL25-10-201612:4725-10-201613:28-reason awaited.
20Jagraon(PSEB)-Ludhiana(PG)Line220 kVPSEB18-10-201611:29**NADue to flashover near wave trap at Ludhiana S/S.
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

C. Details of Transmission Elements Opened manually due to High Voltage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalRemarks
1Bhiwani -MeerutLine765 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:4725-10-201608:45 
2Agra-Fatehpur 2Line765 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:5025-10-201609:40 
3Agra-FatehpurLine765 kVPGCIL25-10-201623:0726-10-201609:41 
4Ajmer II-DidwanaLine400 kVRRVPNL20-09-201617:08**** 
5Jalandhar-Moga 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-10-201623:2125-10-201609:38 
6Chittorgarh II(RVPNL)-Kankroli(PG) Line400 kVPGCIL20-10-201622:0526-10-201611:15 
7Chittorgarh II(RVPNL)-RAPS C(NPC) Line400 kVPGCIL20-10-201622:0826-10-201611:47 
8Chamera pool-Jalandhar 1Line400 kVPGCIL21-10-201601:3025-10-201609:35 
9Ratangarh-Suratgarh 1Line400 kVRRVPNL22-10-201611:3326-10-201607:01 
10Agra-Sikar 1Line400 kVPGCIL22-10-201621:4225-10-201611:01 
11Makhu -Mukatsar -1Line400 kVPSEB22-10-201623:36**** 
12Ratangarh (RVPNL) - Sikar (PG) - 1Line400 kVPGCIL23-10-201609:3026-10-201607:05 
13Amritsar(PG)-Makhu(PSEB) -1Line400 kVPSEB24-10-201600:3125-10-201610:16 
14Mukatsar -Talwandi Sabo - 1Line400 kVPSEB24-10-201600:34**** 
15Makhu -Nakodar -1Line400 kVPSEB24-10-201600:34**** 
16Jodhpur II-Merta 1Line400 kVRRVPNL24-10-201615:5425-10-201609:59 
17Kota(PG)-Merta(RVPNL) 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201620:0026-10-201607:03 
18Heerapura-MertaLine400 kVRRVPNL24-10-201620:16**** 
19Agra-Bhiwadi 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:19**** 
20Agra-Jaipur South-1Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:2026-10-201610:53 
21Bhiwadi-HisarLine400 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:2126-10-201607:39 
22Amritsar-Parb-pol 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:2925-10-201607:48 
23Nallagarh(PG)-Parbati Pool(PG)Line400 kVPKTCL24-10-201621:3225-10-201610:39 
24Jalandhar-Kurukshetra(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:3926-10-201611:28 
25Chamera I(NHPC)-Jalandhar(PG) 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:4025-10-201609:35 
26Nallagarh(PG)-Rampur(SJVNL)-2Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201621:5825-10-201607:54 
27Nallagarh-Patiala 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201622:0325-10-201607:20 
28Abdullapur-Karchamwangtoo 2Line400 kVJPL24-10-201622:0925-10-201605:46 
29Abdullapur-Panchkula 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201622:1125-10-201607:29 
30Bhiwadi-Neemrana 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201622:1226-10-201607:21 
31Kurukshetra(PG)-Sonipat 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201622:1325-10-201605:41 
32Jhakri-Panchkula 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201622:1425-10-201605:59 
33Bahadurgarh-Sonepat 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201622:1726-10-201612:25 
34Agra-Sikar 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-10-201622:35**** 
35Baspa(HP)-Karchamwangtoo(JP) 1Line400 kVJPHYDRO25-10-201602:09**** 
36Akal-Jodhpur IILine400 kVRRVPNL25-10-201612:51**** 
37Jodhpur II-Merta 1Line400 kVRRVPNL25-10-201617:0626-10-201607:07 
38Jodhpur II-Rajwest 2Line400 kVRRVPNL25-10-201620:3526-10-201605:24 
39Bikaner-Didwana 1Line400 kVRRVPNL25-10-201621:03**** 
40Nallagarh-Patiala 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201621:5426-10-201606:18 
41Nallagarh(PG)-Parbati Pool(PG)Line400 kVPKTCL25-10-201621:5526-10-201609:58 
42Amritsar-Parb-pol 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201621:5726-10-201608:40 
43Abdullapur-Karchamwangtoo 1Line400 kVJPL25-10-201621:5826-10-201605:54 
44Jhakri-Panchkula 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201622:0426-10-201606:09 
45Abdullapur-Panchkula 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201622:0726-10-201605:59 
46Koldam(NTPC)-Ludhiana(PG) -1Line400 kVPKTCL25-10-201623:0726-10-201607:50 
47Ballabgarh-Mainpuri 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201623:0926-10-201607:33 
48Amritsar(PG)-Makhu(PSEB) -1Line400 kVPSEB25-10-201623:09**** 
49Fatehpur-Mainpuri 1Line400 kVPGCIL25-10-201623:1126-10-201607:11 
50Jhakri(SJVNL)-Karchamwangtoo(JP) 1Line400 kVJPHYDRO25-10-201623:1526-10-201607:05 
** - Line shall be closed subject to voltage permissibility